The One Self Teachings

What if all separation is an illusion and everything in existence is an equal manifestation of a single undivided consciousness?
The One Self Teachings present an empowering, feeling-based framework for understanding reality from this central premise including: the purpose of life, what happens at death, the illusion of time, how science and religion are opposing forms of blindness, and how to transform your life through changing your perception of reality through the release of fear.

These teachings are now freely available through the ONE SELF FREE LIBRARY which was launched in 2017 to house a recording and document collection that covers the heart of the teachings. There are already well over forty hours of recordings (audio and video, stream or download) along with many printable texts. There are new inclusions on a weekly basis.

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UPDATE: The Free Library now contains Story's Oct'16 Retreat Sessions - You Have A Purpose & You Can Take Your Mask Off.

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“The way in which your reality can seem to resist your will, when it is in fact being led by it, shows how powerful the linearity of the Human Experience is. The sensation of linearity is the feeling that the path of your life is like a fixed train track ahead of you, instead of an open playground you can freely explore. This is usually experienced as the feeling of being contained by cycles of negative-emotion that keep repeating (despite your desire to end them). Common examples are loss, abandonment, victimhood, addiction, alienation, betrayal, illness and lack. Through the One Self Teachings you will be shown how the reality in which you live is not as linear or as black and white as your external senses suggest. This comes through the realization that you do not experience life as linear because it is linear; you experience it this way because you are predominantly only using your external biological senses (e.g. sight & hearing) which are designed to create linearity. This is to see that the One Self (source consciousness) wanted to create a linear world because it is a different kind of experience with deep qualities of individuality, jeopardy, touch, taste, surprise, challenge and discovery. The linearity you experience is only the result of your perception and does not truly reflect the unlimited potential of the reality before you. Being human is not as limited as most believe; this comes through the realization that it has only ever been your beliefs that have been limiting it. Reality can only ever be as magical as you will allow your inner senses to perceive it to be. These teachings will show you how to transform the world you live in by transforming your perception of it.” - Story Waters

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