“Awakening is not about achieving some superior-perspective through which you ‘ascend from’ or ‘transcend’ your mortal-experience; to awaken is to see the equality of the mortal and infinite perspectives such that you are free to move between them.” - Story Waters

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“Many spiritual teachings idealize the spirit (the eternal-infinite-free-Self) and denigrate the qualities of the mortal-limited-human-Self. This polarizing action is a denial of how it is the free-Self that births the limited-Self from its standpoint of complete joy and freedom. To judge this creation of what is not-entirely-free and not-entirely-joyful as less than, is to create a division in the perception of reality, and thereby, in your Self. Through these teachings, as well as meeting your infinite-free-Self (spirit), you are equally invited into a deep appreciation for the remarkable cloak of individuality that you are currently wearing (your mortal-Self). You cannot come to fully know your spirit while you are rejecting your mortal-Self as in that rejection you deny the freedom of your spirit to be in a limited form. Your mortal-Self is an extension of your free-eternal-Self and cannot be said to be less than it. You are your spirit, perceiving from within individuality.” - Story Waters



Join the One Self Free Library

What if separation is an illusion and all existence is the manifestation of a single consciousness? The One Self Teachings present an empowering framework for understanding reality from this central premise including: the purpose of life, what happens at death, the illusion of time, how science and religion are opposing forms of blindness, how to transform your life through changing your perception of reality, seeing the infinite potential that surrounds you and the mastery of fear.

Welcome to the One Self Teachings, created by channeler and spiritual author Story Waters. The core teachings are now freely available through the ONE SELF FREE LIBRARY which was launched in 2017 to house a recording and document collection that covers the heart of the teachings. There are already over fifty hours of recordings (audio and video, stream or download) along with many printable texts. New recordings are added on a regular basis.

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