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"Become a One Self Teachings Benefactor to receive a continual stream of materials as well as the knowing that you are supporting something valuable. Benefactors receive access to the ONE SELF VIDEO LIBRARY (includes video and mp3 of my monthly Austin event), and THE SPOKEN ENERGY STREAM where I am releasing newly remastered archive recordings and WORDS ON PAPER where you can access my latest book writing." - STORY WATERS

WORDS ON PAPER: Download the latest state of two books that Story is currently working on THE MATTER OF CONSCIOUSNESS (a heavily revised and expanded version of his first book) and A FRAMEWORK FOR EVERYTHING (for which the majority of the book - over 40 texts - is already available). You will also have access to PDFs of Story's handwritten editing notes that show the evolution of each of the new Book 3 texts. These give a new level of insight into Story's writing process as well as a much deeper understanding of the final text. Also included is a substantial collection of articles plus Story's writing blog which includes both personal and channeled writing. 

Access a substantial collection of Story Waters videos to watch online. Videos are added each month including the full video of Story's monthly Austin event. During the first half of 2018 both newly remastered HD versions of the AWAKENING INTO FREEDOM CONSCIOUSNESS series and the full interviews that were recorded for GOD IS AN OCEAN will be released here.

SPOKEN ENERGY STREAM: In 2016 Story began to remaster all his spoken messages from the beginning. As a BENEFACTOR you will receive the 20+ major recordings (and supporting materials including previously unreleased seminar questions and answer sessions) that have been remastered so far in six bundles that you will receive over your first six months of membership. The release schedule for the currently available Spoken Energy recordings is:
MONTH 1 - Messages 1 to 5 (Received upon joining)
MONTH 2 - Messages 6 to 9.
MONTH 3 - Messages 10 to 14 - The Freedom Exercises.
MONTH 4 - Messages 15 to 17 - Brighton (The Time Is Now) / Stroud Seminars 2007
MONTH 5 - Messages 18 to 20 - New York 2007 Your Compass Seminar
MONTH 6 - Messages 21 to 22 - Taos 2007 Welcome to Paradise Seminar

Story is continually adding to this stream of remastered recordings.

Our new system is entirely automated and you will have instant access to your materials after check-out. You can also cancel at any time through your account page or change the amount you are contributing. Please note that new content is released as it is created with some months being prolific and others quiet.

To become a One Self Teachings Benefactor please select the monthly amount you would like to donate and click the 'Become Benefactor' button. Options are $25, $33, $40, $50, $75, $100 & $150 per month.

If you have any questions or would like to contribute an amount not listed please email: [email protected]

You can subscribe separately to WORDS ON PAPER ($10/month) or the ONE SELF VIDEO LIBRARY ($14/month).

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