The One Self Benefactor Program

"Become a One Self Teachings Benefactor and support me in allowing me the time to write new books and share the teachings through the One Self Free Library. Benefactors receive access to THE SPOKEN ENERGY STREAM where I will be releasing newly remastered archive recordings and most excitingly, WORDS ON PAPER where you can access my latest book writing the day it is written. You can also read the full edition of my personal and channeled blog POSTBOY NOW.

I believe that the birthing of the sequence of books I feel strongly within me as well as the One Self Free Library is the greatest potential contribution I can make to this world. Please help me birth these books and library."

WORDS ON PAPER: Download the latest state of Story's next book 'The Next Kingdom' (due 2018) as well as PDFs of Story's handwritten editing notes that show the evolution of each seed/page. Story posts these PDFs the day they are created. These give an incredible level of insight into Story's writing process as well as a much deeper understanding of the final text.

POSTBOY NOW: This is the full edition of Story's blog which includes both personal and channeled writing.

SPOKEN ENERGY STREAM: In 2016 Story began the release of all his spoken messages from 2005 onward. Upon becoming a Benefactor you will instantly receive the first five messages with their new introductions and reflections from Story. You will receive then receive regular new messages over time.

Our new system is entirely automated and you will have instant access to the materials after check-out. You can also cancel at any time through your account page or change the amount you are contributing. Please note that new content is released as it is created with some months being prolific and others quiet.

To become a One Self Teachings Benefactor please select the monthly amount you would like to donate and click the 'Become Benefactor' button. Options are $20, $25, $33, $40, $50, $75, $100 & $150 per month.

If you have any questions or would like to contribute an amount not listed please email: [email protected]

TOO EXPENSIVE? For those that wish to follow Story's writing and blog but cannot afford $20/month you can subscribe to Words on Paper & PostBoy NOW for $10/month here. This does not include the spoken energy stream or other benefactor benefits.


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