The Spoken Energy Stream

Receive newly remastered recordings of Story Waters' first spoken messages in sequence from the very beginning! ($10/month)                                                                           

In 2016 Story began to remaster all his spoken messages from the beginning in order to create the definition recording collection of his work. As a SPOKEN ENERGY STREAM subscriber you will receive the 17 recordings that have been remastered so far in three bundles that you will receive over your first few months of membership. The release schedule for the currently available Spoken Energy recordings is:
MONTH 1 - Messages 1 to 5 plus extras. (Received upon joining - Benefactor Day 0)
MONTH 2 - Messages 6 to 9 plus extras. (Benefactor Day 32)
MONTH 3 - Messages 10 to 14 - The Freedom Exercises plus extras. (Benefactor Day 62)
MONTH 4 - Messages 15 to 17 plus previously unreleased Seminar Discussions (Benefactor Day 93)
Story is continually adding to this stream of remastered recordings and adds recordings on at least a monthly basis. Please note that you can also receive the Spoken Energy Stream by becoming a One Self Teaching Benefactor ($25/month) and you will additionally receive Words on Paper. This is for people who want to help support Story write books of the teachings and create the ONE SELF FREE LIBRARY. 

Our new system is entirely automated and you will have instant access to the MONTH 1 materials after check-out. You can also cancel at any time through your online account page. Your email address is kept strictly private.

If you have any questions please email: [email protected]


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