The Bridge of Consciousness

Story Waters“What I do when I speak publicly and channel my spirit is an entirely natural process that you practice every day whenever you feel your spirit in a moment of clarity, inspiration, guidance, or love. What initially starts as an instinctive nudge from spirit can be developed into a powerful voice of communication that speaks your passion thereby unfolding your self-creation. My voice when I speak in this way, and the language created, is the result of my development of that voice.

“Inner peace, self-fulfillment, bliss, the realization of your dream, are created through a shift in how you perceive reality. I seek to model the realization of this perspective, this freedom, that I have created inside of myself through the fusion of my humanity and my divinity. You can create this freedom for yourself simply through your free will choice to integrate your human-self with your spiritual-self. It is not difficult, but to ‘get it’, you have to get out of the box of standard beliefs and choose to think and feel for yourself.

“What you will discover once you have whipped the blindfold off and you look out into the new multidimensional reality that is your new realization of freedom, then the fun really begins. This is where and when you will create the dream in your heart. This is where you will create your most exciting self. This is where you discover that there is nothing you cannot be, for you are everything. This is when you will discover not only how amazing you are, but how amazing this whole reality system is and how incredible it is that you are here”

- Story Waters

Story was born in Brighton, England in 1972 where he currently resides. He is a spiritual author and channeler of SunSon (an experience of collective consciousness) seeking to empower people to experience the light within their own being. “The light to follow is the light within yourself.” Through his writing he empowers people to connect with, trust in, and follow their own spirit above any external person, organization, religion, or dogma. He inspires people to develop their own inner voice and to love and completely accept their own being without limitation.

Following the release of his first two books ‘The Messiah Seed’ and ‘You Are God. Get Over It!’ Story traveled extensively with his message and has been published in eight languages. He has developed a loyal following of cutting-edge creators and pioneers of consciousness who are not afraid to step outside the box in their spiritual exploration. Story now predominantly spreads his message through his weekly newsletter, audio recordings, YouTube and his monthly Freedom Circle Internet broadcasts.

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