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Welcome to Story Waters' website featuring The Flow, Reality Radio, a free Video of the Week, and the upcoming 20/20 Abundant Reality Focus three week online course starting on October 11th.

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About Story Waters Free Flow Taster CALENDAR / EVENTS
Aug 11th> May's 5-Day Retreat comes to The Flow.
Sept 1st The Flow launch prices ends. Join before today to keep launch price before it goes to $50/mth.
Sept 20th Earth Consciousness Report One Day Wonder
Sept 26th> The Open Channel Weekend Retreat
Oct 11th> The 20/20 Abundant Reality Focus - three week live broadcast online course. Early booking price.
Nov 15th Aliens & UFOs One Day Wonder
Dec 31st New Beginnings New Year's Eve One Day Wonder
May 15th> Annual Adventures in Consciounsness Seminar

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Latest Bridge: 25 - Let the Genie Out the Bottle
(Free Video below in honor of Robin Williams)

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The Flow

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The Flow of ConsciousnessThe Flow of Consciousness

What Is The Flow? The Flow is a monthly subscription that gives you access to daily Story Waters’ materials (mp3s, videos and texts). At least one item is added every day and remains accessible to download for 2 weeks, so you will always have at least 14 downloads available to you. If you look further down this page you will see the complete listing of current Flow offerings.

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Message from Story Message from Story:
"It is great to be releasing the recent 5-Day Mirror Retreat as a part of The Flow launch. You will see from the 'First Butterfly' extended taster video that it was a both a powerful and hugely enjoyable event. Make sure you join the Flow before the end of the month to not only get the whole retreat, but also to take advantage of the special launch price. In The Flow you'll have plenty of recordings available to you, just dive in with your intuition and experience whatever looks most exciting. Come join The Flow!"

Flow Calendar
August 11th - Release of the May 5-Day Mirror Laguna Beach Retreat begins.
September 1st - Launch price ends. Regular price of $50 per month for new members begins. Join before September 1st to lock in the launch price and save $200 per year for the first three years of membership.

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The Flow
The Flow I Alone Part 2

Part two starts with Story speaking about his own experiences, followed by audience submitted questions, including opening back up to connect with the world having kept yourself separate (for which Story leads a mini-energy walk to engage connecting), how to open yourself to new energy relationships that are fulfilling and connect with All That You Are, fear of oneness arising out of a psychedelic drug experience (for which Story speaks of the nature of Source and the birth of illusion), and feeling cut off from people through the energetic gift of seeing their shadow sides.

Flow Mp3: IAlone-Part2.mp3 (65 mins)

1 Days
The Flow
The Flow Bridge 14
In Redefining Fear Story takes you through the realization that you are Source Consciousness (every being in existence) and all that seperates you from this knowing is a self-chosen resistive force that you generally experience as fear. This leads into an extended 20 minute God Seed Activation to redefine/transform your relationship with fear by ceasing to resist it.

Flow Mp3: StoryWaters-Bridge14.mp3 (60 mins)

2 Days
The Flow
The Flow Click to watch Joseph - Do Not Cry for Me


A Holocaust story of suffering, joy, and rebirth as told by Joseph, an incarnation experience of Roger. In Japan, Roger had a multidimensional encounter with the consciousness of Joseph who identified himself as one of the entities that birthed the dream that would become the life of Roger. Roger recounts his experience and then connects with Joseph to hear his perspective on suffering, as well as the process of birthing dreams into new experiences of consciousness.

Video File: RogerHanson-Joseph.mp4 (288Mb)

Watch Joseph - Do Not Cry for Me video

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2 Days
The Flow
The Flow Phoenix FireWalk

The Phoenix Fire Walk was, at the time, Story's most powerful and transformational energy walk. In many ways it was the original Godseed Activation. It sets no limit to the self-transmutation that can be achieved through the fires of creation. To take this journey is to surrender to all blocks, all denials, all cords, all ideas of karma, with all limitations being burnt within your energy field so that you can rise like the Phoenix.

This was recorded in a noisy location in New York leading to heavy sound filters (this version is much improved from the original release) and Story having to somewhat shout the message. We hope you can embrace this element of the energy.

Flow Mp3: StoryWaters-PhoenixFireWalk.mp3 (61 mins)

3 Days
The Flow
The Flow Click to watch The First Butterfly


Welcome to the first release from May's 5-Day Mirror Retreat. All the channeled messages (10+ sessions expected) from both Story and Roger will be released (the afternoon group exploration sessions were not recorded) over the coming few weeks. The retreat was just prior to the LAX seminar and presents advanced versions of some of the concepts bridged in the seminar.SunSon launches the retreat with Session 1 - The First Butterfly with Jane taking the lead around halfway through the message (when it starts talking about buds and butterflies).

Flow Mp3: MirrorRetreat-Session1.mp3 (66 mins)

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (200Mb) - SD.mp4 (355Mb) - HD.mp4 (1100Mb)

Watch The First Butterfly video

Free Flow Taster
4 Days
The Flow
The Flow StorySun
Show 17


Story (not StorySun) delivers S-Show 17 with a revealing account of a powerful personal transformation that he has just been through in his awakening process. Included is how he sees The Flow evolving and the importance of using Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest in relation to getting the highest experience from being in The Flow.

Flow Mp3: StorySun-Show-017.mp3 (53 mins)

5 Days
The Flow
The Flow StorySun
Show 5

StorySun begins by reminding us of the masterful maze that is the earth game and shares with us that as we leave the limitation of it, we transform it - unfolding it back into freedom. The focus then moves quite strongly into the energy of acceptance and allowance as it relates to our perception of current realities - how resistance is just another cage, but acceptance and joy in any situation brings the freedom we seek. He then shows that our resistance to any situation really comes from a lack of understanding about the choice of it - and that the choice can be clearly understood when we widen our view of it to the level of collective consciousness.

Flow Mp3: StorySun-Show-005.mp3 (28 mins)

6 Days
The Flow
The Flow Click to watch The Presence of Beings


Roger takes you on a journey through the presence of forteen different beings, each channeled and presented visually. This is a powerful experience and you should create a space for yourself to watch that allows you to fully journey into the incredible diversity of loving energies. If you wish to purchase any of the images from the video please visit Roger on

Flow Mp3: MirrorRetreat-Session2.mp3 (60 mins)

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (149Mb) - SD.mp4 (233Mb) - HD.mp4 (722Mb)

Watch The Presence of Beings video

7 Days
The Flow
The Flow Click to watch Morning Discussion


The morning session includes discussion about the previous nights 'The Presence of Beings' experience with feedback from participants about some of their experiences and insight from Roger about some of the beings that were presented. Also covered in the candid discussion is the importance of allowing your emotions.

Flow Mp3: MirrorRetreat-Session3.mp3 (25 mins)

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (73Mb) - SD.mp4 (120Mb) - HD.mp4 (448Mb)

Watch Morning Discussion video

8 Days
The Flow
The Flow Bridge 15
You Are Safe
In Bridge 15 - You Are Safe - Story takes multiple core concepts (fear, circular belief traps, polarity, the middle way, control) and shows how they all interrelate, revealing the 5th dimensional perspective on exactly what the experience of fear and safety is.

Flow Mp3: StoryWaters-Bridge15.mp3 (80 mins)

9 Days
The Flow
The Flow Click to watch Enough! The Beauty of Boundaries

Imagine what it would be like to love yourself enough to know what you want and expect nothing less, to be firm in what you will and will not allow into your energy field, or to say NO loudly and clearly without judgment or reservation.  Too often we go along with the program, play nice or go into self-sacrfice.   A part of creating who you are is to choose what you will and will not accept in your life. A potent early audience favorite!

Flow Mp3: Enough! The Beauty of Boundaries (49 mins)

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (155Mb) - SD.mp4 (245Mb)

Watch Enough! The Beauty of Boundaries video

Free Flow Taster
10 Days
The Flow
The Flow Story's only Interview about Seth's arrival Story gave this interview in July 2013, a couple of month's after Seth's first appearance, at a time when only four transmissions had been received. The interview beautifully captures a moment in time when Story was still trying to get his head around what was happening and processing fears about how it would be received. Hear Story talk first hand about Seth's arrival and how it was affecting him. The interview includes Seth audio clips from the first transmissions. The 'Push The Button' broadcast that Story mentions will be coming to The Flow in the next month.

Flow Mp3: SethInterview-July13.mp3 (63 mins)

11 Days
The Flow
The Flow

Bridge 25
Let the Genie
Out the Bottle
dedicated to
Robin Williams

Bridge 25 - Let the Genie Out the Bottle has been made freely available by Story in honor of Robin Williams. This Bridge was delivered live on RealityRadio and is the first Bridge to be recorded on video. It is the energetic amplification of Unfolding 17 - The Individuation of Being from the book You Are God. Get Over It! You can watch the 15 minute pre-show chat that preceded the broadcast and helps put the main broadcast in context.

Free Flow Mp3: StoryWaters-Bridge25.mp3 (52 mins)

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (136Mb) - SD.mp4 (278Mb) - HD.mp4 (738Mb)

Watch Pre-Show Chat & then watch Let the Genie Out the Bottle

12 Days
The Flow
The Flow - Elliot -
I Am You

pdf & mp3
Today is a double bill starting with an extremely popular short channel called 'I Am You' from one of the first ever appearances of a more 'personalized' beings through Story named Elliot. Story later wrote a 2-part article which is an amplifications of this message and are included in the pdf below. Use your own instinct as to whether you want to read or listen first.

Flow Mp3: StoryWaters-IAmYou.mp3 (23 mins)

Flow pdf: StoryWaters-IAmYou.pdf (4,400 words)

13 Days
The Flow
The Flow Click to watch The Earth to Spirit Reality Intersection


The Earth to Spirit Reality Intersection delivers multiple easily graspable analogies that allow you to better comprehend what the 5th dimension is like and thereby connect with your Awakened Self that already exists there. This leads into the difference between aspects and masks, and realization of how you remove your masks just by seeing/articulating them clearly.

Flow Mp3: MirrorRetreat-Session4.mp3 (45 mins)

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (144Mb) - SD.mp4 (233Mb) - HD.mp4 (867Mb)

Watch The Earth to Spirit Reality Intersection video

Free Flow Taster
14 Days
The Flow
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