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May LAX Seminar Details
Story Waters
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The Awakening Codes Amplification
The Bridge
Amplification Mp3s

with God Seed Activations
The Bridge Amplification mp3s are designed to be the best introduction to Story's work. Story and Seth are currently expanding / amplfying the text to their book 'You Are God. Get Over It!'. Bridges 1 to 7 are free to download so you can see if you resonate, all the current Bridges (around 20 hours of listening) can then be purchased for just $39 or by joining The Freedom Circle.

Latest Free Bridge: 8 - The I Am Now Activation
Latest Bridge: 20 - The 5th Dimension Is Here

20/20 Practical Channeling

May and June 2014

Take Practical Channeling and
Intuition to the Next Level

Advanced online channeling course featuring seven live broadcasts, focused exercises and forums to post your results!

Available Transmissions
18 - Time To Meet Jane
17 - I Release Separation The Awakening Codes
In May'13 Seth, a being originally channeled by Jane Roberts, revealed himself as having always been present in Story's life. This page documents Story and Seth's evolving relationship and teachings, and now the arrival of Jane through Story.
Join to receive the twice monthly Bridge of Consciousness Amplification mp3s (the complete collection), a 25% discount on paid broadcasts/courses and monthly mp3 downloads that you choose from Story's catalogue PLUS mp3 & video downloads of all Story's YouTube open-access broadcasts.

Standard Membership - $30 per month
Basic Membership - $20 per month
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The Bridge Fund - Make a Donation! Donations to support Story's work are now added to The Bridge Fund through which all The Bridge Amplification mp3s are being made freely available. So now your donation makes more difference than ever!
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Lastest Bridge Mp3 made Free
Bridge 8 - The I Am Now Activation
on 18 April 2014 for $1500.

Next Bridge Mp3
Bridge 9 - The Heart of the Matter
Donated so far: $142 of $1750 target.

Laguna Beach Retreats

May 16th-20th
Enter the Looking Glass
5-day retreat

Sept 19th-21st
A Non-Physical Gathering
weekend retreat

Sept 26th-28th
20/20 Channeling Retreat
weekend retreat

Currently available on Kindle

- The Messiah Seed Collector's Edition-
- Bridge 1 - Invitation to Freedom -
- The Awakening Codes (Seth / Future Seth) -
- You Are God. Get Over It! (expanded edition) -
- Being Without Protection -

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