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Latest Bridge: 25 - Let the Genie Out the Bottle
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The Flow
The Flow Bridge 18
Head to Heart Sovereignty

In Bridge 18 - Head to Heart Sovereignty Story amplifies Unfolding 13 - Sovereignty from You Are God. Get Over It! whilst also incorporating a personal situation Story was dealing with that morning to better illustrate the message.

Flow Mp3: StoryWaters-Bridge18.mp3 (60 mins)

1 Days
The Flow
The Flow StorySun
Show 21


Please make sure you listen to this show if you sometimes find the high quantity of material in The Flow overwhelming or stressful.

S-Show 21 is a show presented by an ever morphing energy/face/beingness, focused (in a revolving way) by StorySun. The concepts of exploring the human template and the self-chosen complexity we have each chosen to challenge ourselves with are explored. The example of coming to find your persronal sweet-spot of downloading and listening to The Flow is used as an example of how you can use The Flow to transform an imprint around 'consumption' to bring more abundance into your life.

Details for The Abundant Reality Focus mentioned in the show can be found here.

Flow Mp3: StorySun-Show-021.mp3 (17 mins)

2 Days
The Flow
The Flow Click to watch The Labyrinth Experience


Roger takes the group on their own journey through art - what he likes to call the Labyrinth - in which the desires and potentials of everyone is projected onto the canvas. Even for those that did not participate in the retreat, you have an opportunity through this video to find insightful information which can be applied to their current day life experiences. The medium of art here created an opening for a visit from a loved one in the non-physical, and even hinted at Story and Roger's upcoming move. An mp3 is not provided as the visuals are integral. (91 mins)

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (269Mb) - SD.mp4 (468Mb) - HD.mp4 (1700Mb)

Watch The Labyrinth Experience video

3 Days
The Flow
The Flow Change 1 Article

Extract: "Change is like an energetic current. The flow (the unfolding that permeates all life) is a state of motion, a state of change, and if you can come to better sense its blossoming nature, so you will come to embrace it rather than fear it. By feeling the presence and opportunity for change so you can consciously choose to step into its flow of transformation, evolution and revolution."

Flow Text: TheChangingSelf.pdf (2,000 words)

4 Days
The Flow
The Flow Click to watch Cut Your Anchors


Continuing to channel an every changing energy (SunSon, StorySun, Seth & Hektr) Story brings many of retreat themes together and presents a clear choice to Cut Your Anchors and bring the freshness of freedom consciousness into your experience of reality. This culminates in an experience of feeling your future Self (your StorySun) which blends into a God Seed Activation.

Flow Mp3: MirrorRetreat-Session10.mp3 (79 mins)

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (252Mb) - SD.mp4 (528Mb) - HD.mp4 (1600Mb)

Watch Cut Your Anchors video

5 Days
The Flow
The Flow StorySun
Show 10

In StorySun Show 10, there is a continued exploration of merging with the awakened/future self through the simultaneous experience of the two "separate" realities. But as we continue, we explore a third reality being birthed from the integration of the other two. StorySun then goes on to speak about how our beliefs about inequality of the separate realities can keep us locked in the separate experience of them. And this leads us into a very comprehensive, yet simple, exploration of reality in general, including a direct look at the concept of suffering.

Flow Mp3: StorySun-Show-010.mp3 (44 mins)

6 Days
The Flow
The Flow Click to watch Bridge 26: Your Chosen Teacher


Bridge 26 - Your Chosen Teacher is Story's first live video Bridge Amplification (which will now be occuring regularly with the next one on Sunday, November 2nd). In the bridge Story amplifies Unfolding 18 - Transforming Resistance into Clarity. The Bridge starts by asking you to make a choice of whether or not you are ready to embark on a journey that will release all resistance from your life. Will you flick the switch to engage the experience?

Flow Mp3: Bridge26.mp3 (55 mins)

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (177Mb) - SD.mp4 (347Mb) - HD.mp4 (1100Mb)

Watch Bridge 26: Your Chosen Teacher video

7 Days
The Flow
The Flow Bridge 19
This Is Your Fear

Bridge 19 - This Is Your Fear takes a step forward in terms of pushing the audience and there is a John energy coming through in places. The Bridge covers the 'Unfolding 14 - Resistance Is a Brake' and the God Seed Activation will leave you in no doubt how to take that brake off. Are you ready? The choice is yours. You are sovereign.

Flow Mp3: StoryWaters-Bridge19.mp3 (70 mins)

8 Days
The Flow
The Flow

Push the
Part 1 of 3

The 'Release of Compromise / Push the Button' Incantation Exercise
Important: please note that this recording contains extensive use of the F-word as well as one of Story's most powerful incantations to-date. For this reason this recording is not recommended for people that are completely new to Story's work as it requires the wider context of his other work in order to be clearly understood. Seth first appeared to Story about an hour after this broadcast.

Story went into this broadcast with no idea of what it was about except for a feeling that it was connected to a 'push the button / jump of the cliff' choice that he had made following on from the Joshua Tree Adventures in Consciousness broadcast two weeks earlier. In the part 1 bridging space Story speaks candidly about what has unfolded in him since the Joshua Tree broadcast in regards to his own experience of freedom and the John Lennon imprint he carries, as well as his relationship with his audience and the question of how much they need him to conform to the role of a spiritual teacher.

Flow Mp3: PushButton-Part1.mp3 (40 mins)

9 Days
The Flow
The Flow

Push the
Part 2 of 3

The part 2 channel then opens with a potent energy that some may recognize from previous 'Adam Fyre' recordings - notable for its direct, passionate, fiery nature. This then sets the scene for the 'release of compromise / push the button' exercise which is one of the most powerful incantations that SunSon has ever offered. As the fiery energies of the exercise calm they are then replaced by the delicate and sweet 5th dimensional tones that Story has named Elliot (most remembered for the 2007 I Am You recording - see clip below) which bring this extraordinary channel to a close, reflecting both the humor and simplicity of the awakened reality we are each birthing into.

Flow Mp3: PushButton-Part2.mp3 (55 mins)

10 Days
The Flow
The Flow

Push the
Part 3 of 3

The part 3 mp3 brings it all together with Story answering questions submitted by audience members during the broadcast, as well as by giving his own reflection on this notably different broadcast. Not one for beginners, and not one to be missed if you want what is certainly a quintessentially 'Story' experience.

Flow Mp3: PushButton-Part3.mp3 (43 mins)

11 Days
The Flow
The Flow Esoterica 1 - The One Self Article

Extract: "There is much ideology and complication around the idea of energy fields and many are not sure what is meant when their energy field is referred to. Allow the simplicity of realization that you are the feeling of your energy field. "

Flow Text: TheOneSelf.pdf (2,000 words)

12 Days
The Flow
The Flow Click to watch The Beauty of Intimacy


Roger's final art channel of the retreat starts with all the participants contributing marks to the canvas which leads to collective of identical fancies speaking on the beauty of intimacy before leading the participants in a power exercise of looking into each other eyes. Please note the mp3 only contains the channel.

Flow Mp3: MirrorRetreat-Session11.mp3 (21 mins)

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (113Mb) - SD.mp4 (192Mb) - HD.mp4 (730Mb)

Watch The Beauty of Intimacy video

13 Days
The Flow
The Flow Click to watch Resurrection Technology


Story's final channel of the weekend starts with a few words from Seth followed by a very special guest (aided by Jane - listen closely) who had come to give Story some advice for his life. Story had actually connected with this being the previous evening whilst watching him give a unique performance on television.

Flow Mp3: MirrorRetreat-Session12.mp3 (20 mins)

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (87Mb) - SD.mp4 (166Mb) - HD.mp4 (562Mb)

Watch Resurrection Technology video

14 Days
The Flow

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