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Nov 15th Aliens & UFOs One Day Wonder
Dec 31st New Beginnings New Year's Eve One Day Wonder
Jan 2nd> The F.I.R.E. Weekend Retreat
Mar 5th> The Seth Retreat - Extended Weekend
Mar 14th The Creative Spark One Day Wonder
Mar 15th Hot-Seating Special One Day Wonder
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May 15th> Annual Adventures in Consciounsness Seminar

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The Flow The Flow of ConsciousnessThe Flow of Consciousness

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The Flow
The Flow The Messiah Seed eBook

This is Story's first book which launched his career in 2004. Below you find both the original edition in PDF format and the expanded collectors edition in Kindle format (free reading apps available) which also includes the original 'Messiah' text that Story sat up and wrote in bed one morning in 2003. The Collectors Edition also includes two other texts from the time - Love Is Awake, and The Power to Choose Joy.

Printable PDF: TheMessiahSeed.pdf (Original Edition- 28,000 words)

Kindle Format: (Collectors Edition - 43,000 words)
(No Kindle Device Necessary - use a free software reader for computers/tablets/phone.)

1 Days
The Flow
The Flow Seth
2, 5, 6

A collection of three of Seth's shorter earlier appearances.
Transmission 2 - A New Experience - Seth's first time talking to Story.
Transmission 5 - Opposing Foci - A brief failed attempt to fully connect (watch only).
Transmission 6 - Regarding Our Progress - Seth talks personally to Story.

Flow Mp3: StoryWaters-Seth02.mp3 (17 mins)
Flow Mp3: StoryWaters-Seth06.mp3 (12 mins)
Watch Transmission 5 - Opposing Foci video

2 Days
The Flow
The Flow

You and Your
Part 1

In this core message broadcast Story explores the relationship between You and Your Oversoul including the concepts of scripts and missions and The Blissful Self Incantation. This the first time this video has been released. [video links fixed]

Flow Mp3: YouAndYourOversoul-Part1.mp3 (83 mins)

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (246Mb) - SD.mp4 (359Mb) - HD.mp4 (1300Mb)

Watch You and Your Oversoul video

Free Flow Taster
3 Days
The Flow
The Flow Bridge 21
Be At Peace
In this personal Bridge Story talks about the changes he is going through and his realizations around a wound he is healing leading to the discovery of a new level of inner peace that you are invited to share in . The Bridge then ends with a beautiful channeled message/activation from a very special guest.

Flow Mp3: StoryWaters-Bridge21.mp3 (52 mins)

4 Days
The Flow
The Flow

You and Your
Part 2

The Questions and Answers section of You and Your Oversoul covers questions around ascension/descension, dealing with suffering, feeling overwhelmed by synchronicities, fear of eternity and medication decisions.

Flow Mp3: YouAndYourOversoul-Part2.mp3 (58 mins)

5 Days
The Flow
The Flow StorySun
Show 12

The intriguing concept of timeline jumping is discussed, leading into an experience of the fluidity of the very nature of non-physicality as we explore the choice of self, present or future, and the space in between being the bridge of transformation leading to awakening.

Flow Mp3: StorySun-Show-012.mp3 (56 mins)

6 Days
The Flow
The Flow The Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot is the opening Friday evening of the Firsts Laguna Beach Retreat (discussed in-depth in Bridge 20). This marked the first ever appearance of StorySun. Part 1 is the Firsts Retreat introduction with both Story and Roger. Part 2 is the main Sweet Spot channel with SunSon and StorySun. Part 3, the first ever StorySun hot-seating, coming tomorrow.

Flow Mp3: TheSweetSpot-Part1.mp3 (21 mins)

Flow Mp3: TheSweetSpot-Part2.mp3 (45 mins)

7 Days
The Flow
The Flow The Sweet Spot

Part 3 of The Sweet Spot from the First Retreat marks the first ever StorySun hot-seating. This was not planned and simply emerged from the end of the Part 2 channel without a break. This hot-seating is where StorySun can be most clearly seen emerging.

Flow Mp3: TheSweetSpot-Part3.mp3 (65 mins)

Watch Hot-Seating Clip 1 video

Watch Hot-Seating Clip 2 video

Free Flow Taster
8 Days
The Flow
The Flow Haloic Article

"All human beings are haloic by design." - Story Waters

haloic adj. Possessing the quality of connecting different dimensions; most typically the physical and the non-physical, the body and spirit, the unified source and its diverse expression, the one and the many. The most common symbolic representation of the haloic energetic mechanism is the halo.

Flow Text: Haloic.pdf (1,300 words)

9 Days
The Flow
The Flow Simply
- 1 -


Following the 5th 20/20 Abundant Reality Focus broadcast Story delivered the first in a new series of recordings called 'Simply Story'. In this edition Story relays an awakening experience that started the previous day following on from the 20/20 message. Topics covered include why the Earth was created, what it is addressing on the 'other side', and Story's memory of choosing to come to Earth and the reality remembering it has brought him to.

Flow Mp3: SimplyStory-01.mp3 (33 mins)

10 Days
The Flow
The Flow Bridge 22
The Fearless Dance
In Bridge 22 Story and StorySun return to the more traditional Bridge format with an expansion of Unfolding 15 - Let Your Creation Be from You Are God. Get Over It! The God Seed Activation then gracefully leads you into the realization and living of the fearless dance within you.

Flow Mp3: StoryWaters-Bridge22.mp3 (55 mins)

11 Days
The Flow
The Flow Seth 9
How we will
be working /
The Abraham Connection


This is the first release of the audio for Seth's 9th transmission. Previously only transcribed portions have been released. This transmission was delivered shortly after the Awakening Codes 'out-of-body rides' that Seth took Story on. It offers a deeper level of insight not only into Story's identity, but the fletchling nature of the connection being explored with Seth being pushed to the limit of what Story could receive. Please note therefore that some of the information presented here has since evolved.

Flow Mp3: StoryWaters-Seth09.mp3 (30 mins)

12 Days
The Flow
The Flow Click to watch


Part 1 of 3 of the Earth Consciousness Report, the first One Day Wonder, is led by Story. If you would like to attend the next One Day Wonder on November the 15th (cost $200) please check out the events page.

Flow Mp3: EarthConsciousnessReport-Part1.mp3 (41 mins)

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (114Mb) - SD.mp4 (174Mb) - HD.mp4 (735Mb)

Watch Earth Consciousness Report - Part 1 video

13 Days
The Flow
The Flow Click to watch


Part 2 of 3 of the Earth Consciousness Report is led by Roger who brings through a representation of the Earth Consciousness in record time before delivering her/(his) message.

Flow Mp3: EarthConsciousnessReport-Part2.mp3 (48 mins)

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (166Mb) - SD.mp4 (246Mb) - HD.mp4 (935Mb)

Watch Earth Consciousness Report - Part 2 video

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14 Days
The Flow

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