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Welcome to Story Waters' website featuring The Flow, Reality Radio (free) and the Sun Words videos which you can watch below.

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October The 20/20 Abundant Reality Focus - online course.
Nov 2nd Live Flow Bridge Video Broadcast.
Nov 15th Aliens & UFOs One Day Wonder
Dec 31st New Beginnings New Year's Eve One Day Wonder
Jan 2nd> The F.I.R.E. Weekend Retreat
Mar 5th> The Seth Retreat - Extended Weekend
Mar 14th The Creative Spark One Day Wonder
Mar 15th Hot-Seating Special One Day Wonder
May 8th> Many Masters Hot-Seating Weekend Retreat
May 15th> Annual Adventures in Consciounsness Seminar

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The Bridge Amplification mp3s are the best way to start with Story's work. Bridges 1 to 8 & 25 are free to download so you can see if you resonate.

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Latest Bridge: 25 - Let the Genie Out the Bottle
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The Flow The Flow of ConsciousnessThe Flow of Consciousness

What Is The Flow? The Flow is a monthly subscription that gives you access to daily Story Waters’ materials (mp3s, videos and texts). At least one item is added every day and remains accessible to download for 2 weeks, so you will always have at least 14 downloads available to you. If you look further down this page you will see the complete listing of current Flow offerings.

Which recordings are put into The Flow? Being in The Flow you will receive all new materials from Story except for specialist online courses. This includes all new eBooks, StorySun Shows, Bridge Amplifications, Pinnacle & Laguna Beach Retreats, regular One Day Wonders and the annual Adventures in Consciousness Up-Close seminar. This continual stream of new material is then interspersed with recordings from Story’s extensive archive. With the retreats and seminars you will also receive sessions from Story's husband Roger Hanson. There are also regular live broadcasts!

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The Flow
The Flow Click to watch


Part 1 of 3 of the Earth Consciousness Report, the first One Day Wonder, is led by Story. If you would like to attend the next One Day Wonder on November the 15th (cost $200) please check out the events page.

Flow Mp3: EarthConsciousnessReport-Part1.mp3 (41 mins)

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (114Mb) - SD.mp4 (174Mb) - HD.mp4 (735Mb)

Watch Earth Consciousness Report - Part 1 video

1 Days
The Flow
The Flow Click to watch


Part 2 of 3 of the Earth Consciousness Report is led by Roger who brings through a representation of the Earth Consciousness in record time before delivering her/(his) message.

Flow Mp3: EarthConsciousnessReport-Part2.mp3 (48 mins)

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (166Mb) - SD.mp4 (246Mb) - HD.mp4 (935Mb)

Watch Earth Consciousness Report - Part 2 video

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2 Days
The Flow
The Flow Click to watch


The final section of the Earth Consciousness Report is led by Story. If you would like to attend the Aliens and UFOs One Day Wonder on November the 15th (cost $200) please check out the events page.

Flow Mp3: EarthConsciousnessReport-Part3.mp3 (42 mins)

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (124Mb) - SD.mp4 (196Mb) - HD.mp4 (767Mb)

Watch Earth Consciousness Report - Part 3 video

3 Days
The Flow
The Flow Qualities Of Existence Article

"Nothing is external to spirit; it has no opponent. Just as spirit is often seen as the source of light, so too is it the source of all that is experienced as darkness. Spirit contains all light and all darkness as well as the experience that is the absence of this perceived quality of being. Only when you truly accept that you cannot contain spirit within a description of qualities do you open yourself to your non-biological, energetic senses which intrinsically convey the realization that you are non-physical as well as physical."

Flow Text: QualitiesOfExistence.pdf (2,000 words)

4 Days
The Flow
The Flow StorySun
Show 13
StorySun speaks of the birthing of consciousness of the gateway into and out of the Earth (the veil of forgetting if coming in) as being simulaneously a state of consciousness, a being, and a place within you - one that is known as the Christ or Bridging Consciousness.

Flow Mp3: StorySun-Show-013.mp3 (31 mins)

5 Days
The Flow
The Flow Bridge 23
The Fearless Dance
Bridge 23 was the first Bridge recorded with a live audience through RealityRadio. SunSon and StorySun speaks about the process of meeting the awakened self. While StorySun begins with specificity in his relationship with Story, he then speaks in great detail at a more universal level about the process all go through in meeting their awakened self - the initial experiences, the process of dancing in the threshold, and the portal that we each have to facilitate the process of merging with the awakened self.

Flow Mp3: StoryWaters-Bridge23.mp3 (69 mins)

6 Days
The Flow
The Flow

Freedom From
Part 1

'Freedom from Pressure' is a two part recording, opening with Story leading an energetic exploration of the ways in which you feel pressure in your life and how to transform that relationship to fully experience your innate gift of freedom. Pressure is not something that arises from something being done 'to you'. It is a force that arises from your beliefs about your reality and, as such, is a form of relationship that is unique to you. People do not experience pressure in the same way, and the pressure imprints that you experience are unique and intimate descriptions of some of the ways that you interact with the world. You have the power to change these relationships to free yourself from the experience of pressure. This recording provides a powerful key to free yourself from the pressures within this world.

Flow Mp3: FreedomFromPressure-Part1.mp3 (50 mins)

7 Days
The Flow
The Flow

Freedom From
Part 2

Part 2 of 'Freedom from Pressure' is the questions and answers section of the broadcast. Audience questions include: Waking up and the morphing of duality, being hospitalized, fear of freedom/letting go of control, being an alien in this world, integrating difficult aspects, body image and the media, karma and the law of attraction.

Flow Mp3: FreedomFromPressure-Part2.mp3 (47 mins)

8 Days
The Flow
The Flow Seth 4
Awaken the
Giant Within
Seth Transmission 4 - Awaken the Giant Within is an early Seth message delivered for Story's Haloic Playground channeling class (read class channels). It offers a potent invitation to open yourself to the wider reality within the heart of your beingness.

Flow Mp3: StoryWaters-Seth04.mp3 (15 mins)

9 Days
The Flow
The Flow Believing Reality - Part 1

Believing Reality looks at how your beliefs shape your personal reality. Story describes levels of belief systems from the personal to the mass consciousness belief system, to niche belief systems such as conspiracy theories. Story conveys a sense of belief systems flowing and interacting as containers, as shared platforms for experience, and as potentials that you can choose to birth into your reality. With this framework in place he then takes it to a more personal/emotional level, looking at how your life experiences lead you to create an idea about yourself, such as a feeling that you are lucky or unlucky, worthy or unworthy. He shows how to identify these core self-beliefs that can so often become invisible to the person holding them.

Flow Mp3: BelievingReality-Part1.mp3 (55 mins)

10 Days
The Flow
The Flow Believing Reality - Part 2

Part 2 of Believing Reality covers questions on: taking center stage in your life, getting out of feeling stuck, physical symptoms in awakening, feeling out of sync with life, what are ghosts?, how to un-believe something, and creating for the future. Included in his answers, Story leads two energetic exercises, one for transforming financial limitation, and a beautiful energetic birthing exercise to give form to energies birthing within you.

Flow Mp3: BelievingReality-Part2.mp3 (63 mins)

11 Days
The Flow
The Flow StorySun
Show 14

In S-Show 14 StorySun speaks on the elevation of your dream from the practical into the fantastical, stating "Fantasties are your right." To step into the awakened one is to step into the living of fantasy as reality.

"It has been a joy to broadcast live from the threshold."

Flow Mp3: StorySun-Show-014.mp3 (32 mins)

12 Days
The Flow
The Flow

The Infinite


"The realization of the Infinite from within the finite can never come by finding an end to the cycle because the Infinite is unending; the Infinite is limitless and an ending is a limit. There is no ‘escape point’, whether that be called death, ascension, or enlightenment. We are Source and that will always be, even when we are within the illusion that we are not Source, even within the illusion that there is an ending."

Flow Text: TheInfiniteFinite.pdf (2,000 words)

13 Days
The Flow
The Flow Domk

This is Story's first channeling of Domk - an alien being - at the Firsts Laguna Beach Retreat and is a powerful (and often funny) message called 'The Planet of Fear'. For this channel Roger had painted Story's face to better reflect Domk's appearance. The image to the left is a portrait of Domk (see larger) that Roger painted a few weeks later. You are strongly encouraged to watch the short 3 min video clip before listening to help understand the experience in the room.

If you enjoy Domk you may want to attend the Saturday, Nov 15th Aliens and UFO One Day Wonder. After around 3-4 hours channeling you will enjoy a meal with Story and Roger. Please note that future events are likely to cost more and have more participants. Cost $200. Booking.

Flow Mp3: Domk-ThePlanetOfFear.mp3 (96 mins)

Watch Domk Video Clip

Free Flow Taster
14 Days
The Flow

Flow Live Bridge Broadcast - Sunday November 2nd at 10am PDT.

One Day Wonder - Sat, 15th Nov 'Aliens & UFOs' $200 - attend here

New Event Pricing: One Day Wonders & Retreats from $200/$750.

New first-come first-served variable pricing for all San Diego events.

Details of upcoming events incl. The Seth Retreat & LAX Seminar

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