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Welcome to Story Waters' website featuring The Flow, Reality Radio, a free Video of the Week, and the upcoming 20/20 Abundant Reality Focus three week online course starting on October 11th.

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Sept 20th Earth Consciousness Report One Day Wonder
Sept 26th> The Open Channel Weekend Retreat
Oct 11th> The 20/20 Abundant Reality Focus - three week live broadcast / mp3 abundance online course.
Nov 15th Aliens & UFOs One Day Wonder
Dec 31st New Beginnings New Year's Eve One Day Wonder
Jan 2nd> The F.I.R.E. Weekend Retreat
Mar 5th> The Seth Retreat - Extended Weekend
Mar 14th The Creative Spark One Day Wonder
Mar 15th Hot-Seating Special One Day Wonder
May 8th> Many Masters Hot-Seating Weekend Retreat
May 15th> Annual Adventures in Consciounsness Seminar

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The Flow

The Flow of ConsciousnessThe Flow of Consciousness

What Is The Flow? The Flow is a monthly subscription that gives you access to daily Story Waters’ materials (mp3s, videos and texts). At least one item is added every day and remains accessible to download for 2 weeks, so you will always have at least 14 downloads available to you. If you look further down this page you will see the complete listing of current Flow offerings.

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The Flow
The Flow StorySun
Show 19


Story introduces S-Show 19 talking further about what he is currently experiencing in his awakening process. This leads into a powerful description from StorySun about what it actually feels like to step between Earth reality and the wider non-physical reality. This is an advanced esoteric recording and it is recommended that you prepare a suitable space for yourself to be present in to meet the state of consciousness on offer here.

This recording is preparation for the One Day Wonder broadcast on September 20th that you receive as part of being in the Flow. To attend the full day's events in person at Story's & Roger's home near San Diego please book here. The recordings will be coming to the Flow but tune in live at 10am California time if you can! (Broadcast duration approx 4 hours).

Flow Mp3: StorySun-Show-019.mp3 (48 mins)

1 Days
The Flow
The Flow StorySun
Show 8

In the second of three shows delivered consecutively, StorySun amplifies a text he created with Story the previous day. S-Show 8 looks at the relationship between your spirit and your embodied Self, how the difficult conditions of your reality are a choice, and how all realities are connected.

Flow Mp3: StorySun-Show-008.mp3 (35 mins)

2 Days
The Flow
The Flow Click to watch Seth - Just Say What You Feel


Seth comes in and delivers a message just prior to a StorySun Hot-seating session. With Seth being a part of StorySun this makes for a fresh experience of Seth through Story in a message about the important of finding your voice. Seth references Roger's session that had just occurred and it is recommended that you have that fresh in memory when enjoying this session.

Flow Mp3: MirrorRetreat-Session7.mp3 (38 mins)

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (139Mb) - SD.mp4 (287Mb) - HD.mp4 (895Mb)

Watch Seth - Just Say What You Feel video

3 Days
The Flow
The Flow StorySun
Show 9

In the third of three shows delivered consecutively, StorySun amplifies a text he created with Story the previous day. S-Show 9 brings together the previous two shows into the realization that your very reality is the manifestation of the One Source Consciousness's love for you. Beyond your victim energy is the experience of your reality as the greatest gift, the greatest love there is.

Flow Mp3: StorySun-Show-009.mp3 (43 mins)

4 Days
The Flow
The Flow Click to watch StorySun Hot-Seating


This StorySun Hot-Seating Session from the Mirror Retreat is presented with only StorySun speaking. Even though you will not hear what is being asked, you will soon find that in the flow of how the questions are being answered you will find yourself not only completely understanding what it is being said, but that the answers will feel even more directed towards your own personal questions.

Flow Mp3: MirrorRetreat-Session8.mp3 (70 mins)

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (223Mb) - SD.mp4 (456Mb) - HD.mp4 (1400Mb)

Watch StorySun Hot-Seating video

5 Days
The Flow
The Flow Being Without Protection eBook


To face your fear is to put your protections down, understanding that they have served us all beautifully in our exploration of individuality. To put down your protection is to touch your fear. It is to put down the fig leaf. It is to expose your most intimate self. It is powerful. It is powerful because it is freedom. To be without protection is to know you are safe, that you are the creator of your reality, and that you are free. Please note that the seed mp3 and eBook are significantly different and should both be experienced.

Flow Mp3: BeingWithoutProtection.mp3 (34 mins)

Printable PDF: BeingWithoutProtection.pdf (9,000 words)

Kindle Format: (9,000 words)

6 Days
The Flow
The Flow Click to watch Amos - A Portal Master Speaks


In this video, originally broadcast in August 2014 as part of Roger's monthly Visionary Art broadcast (next broadcast at noon on Sept 21st following a live Bridge Amplification with Story at 10am California), we connect with an energy named Amos. Amos describes himself as a Portal Master and brings a message about humanity's experience with portals (even though it is mostly subconscious) and how to know when one is opening for you by the feeling of impulse in any given moment. This video is a must-watch for anyone wanting to birth their dreams.

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (203Mb) - SD.mp4 (292Mb) - HD.mp4 (918Mb)

Watch Amos - A Portal Master Speaks video

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7 Days
The Flow
The Flow Bridge 16
Be Your Self

Bridge 16 - Be Your Self is the first spontaneous Bridge that does not draw on any previous material and explores being ALL your Self, rather than the 'perceived' BEST of your Self.

Flow Mp3: StoryWaters-Bridge16.mp3 (76 mins)

7 Days
The Flow
The Flow StorySun
Show 20


StorySun speaks of the connection between 'the chase' and the primal survival instinct. By seeing what links all loops you can step out of the chase and meet the realization of the wider reality. This show is a further invitation to transport yourself to a state of transformation where you can continue to exit the illusion if that is your desire.

Flow Mp3: StorySun-Show-020.mp3 (43 mins)

8 Days
The Flow
The Flow Be In Your Element Part 1

Be In Your Element was the first of the regular Freedom Circle monthly broadcasts that lasted for over four and a half years. In the first half Story leads a journey into how to choose 'being in your element' as a realization of joy and freedom. He does this against the mirror of his own life and the choices he is making at this time. This is an intimate and personal journey into further loving yourself and receiving the gift of joy. Part 2 Q&A tomorrow.

Flow Mp3: BeInYourElement-Part1.mp3 (45 mins)

9 Days
The Flow
The Flow Be In Your Element Part 2

In the second half of Be In Your Element Story takes audience questions, reflecting people's energy back to them through his unique perspective, whilst opening the question to discuss its universal issues that affect as all. Questions include: hearing 'messages' from spirit, coping with feeling in meltdown, enhancing your physical healing abilities, expressing a preference in creation and change, and grounding energies.

Flow Mp3: BeInYourElement-Part2.mp3 (50 mins)

10 Days
The Flow
The Flow Seth 14
Do Not
Share This
This was a predominantly personal message that came through a morning of Story's monthly live broadcast in which Seth made his first 'live' overt appearance (which is coming tomorrow). It is a special message as it is a personal conversation with Story where Seth was laying some important issues about their working together. At Seth's request the full audio of this transmission was not released for several months.

Flow Mp3: StoryWaters-Seth14.mp3 (27 mins)

11 Days
The Flow
The Flow Click to watch Unleash The Butterflies As promised with his conversation with Story earlier in the day (Seth 14 - Do Not Share This) Seth came through and delivered his first channel through Story to a live audience called 'Unleash the Butterflies'. You can watch a 25 minute highlight video of the broadcast and/or listen to the full 72 minute mp3 version below.

Flow Mp3: StoryWaters-Seth15.mp3 (72 mins)

Video Downloads: LD.mp4 (269Mb) - SD.mp4 (468Mb) - HD.mp4 (1700Mb)

Watch Unleash the Butterflies video (25 min version)

12 Days
The Flow
The Flow Bridge 18
Head to Heart Sovereignty

In Bridge 18 - Head to Heart Sovereignty Story amplifies Unfolding 13 - Sovereignty from You Are God. Get Over It! whilst also incorporating a personal situation Story was dealing with that morning to better illustrate the message.

Flow Mp3: StoryWaters-Bridge18.mp3 (60 mins)

13 Days
The Flow
The Flow StorySun
Show 21


Please make sure you listen to this show if you sometimes find the high quantity of material in The Flow overwhelming or stressful. Please note this is Friday's download but is being released immediately after recording to allow people the greatest opportunity to listen to it before Saturday's live broadcast as it is a part of the ramp up to it. You can watch the broadcast on Saturday 10am PDT at the bottom of this page after Flow Log-in.

S-Show 21 is a show presented by an ever morphing energy/face/beingness, focused (in a revolving way) by StorySun. The concepts of exploring the human template and the self-chosen complexity we have each chosen to challenge ourselves with are explored. The example of coming to find your persronal sweet-spot of downloading and listening to The Flow is used as an example of how you can use The Flow to transform an imprint around 'consumption' to bring more abundance into your life.

Details for The Abundant Reality Focus mentioned in the show can be found here.

Flow Mp3: StorySun-Show-021.mp3 (17 mins)

14 Days
The Flow
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