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Latest News & Postings

4th February

Perspectives with Seth - Show 17 - Sex, Love & Pain released. Covers how to open up your sexuality, learning to articulate the uniqueness of your heart, dealing with the fear of impending pain and being open to the full heart experience. Receive four new Seth Shows every month for just $25 - Full Details.

1st February

Being All That You Are through Balancing your Inner & Outer Senses - free Seth text/audio - now available on the Seth on Inner Senses Course page. Even if you cannot take the course this text covers several key teachings. Read article.

28th January

The Human Dilemma text updated. Seth's free recording has now had the text version (orginally released as an unpolished transcript) updated to be more readable. Read text or download the mp3.

21st January

Perspectives with Seth - Show 16 - Facing Your Bullies released. Receive four new Seth Shows every month for just $25 - Full Details.

18th January

Does Story Channel Jane Roberts' Seth? New article plus five hours of free Seth/Jane material now available here.

17th January

Essay Two - The Infinite Matrix of The One Self Teachings is now available (with Essay One) in the Limitlessness Community. The Community costs $15/month and includes two monthly recordings. Join the Community.

12th January

The Human Dilemma Mp3 + Text Experience a full Seth teaching for free with The Human Dilemma created from the Seth Retreat Sessions. Free two hour mp3 and text from Story Waters!

8th January

The Flow 2016 new format launches today! Featuring the Limitlessness Community, weekly Seth Mp3s & Live Broadcast weekends. With options starting at just $15 for the community with two recordings per month there is something for everyone. Full Details.

1st January

Perspectives with Seth - Shows 1 to 12 now available in the mp3 store ($9 each) - Visit mp3 store.

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20/20 Courses (advanced online 15 day intensives)

20/20 Courses are held three times a year in October, February & June, running for 15 days each with a daily live broadcasts with mp3 download. With an extended intensive focus on a particular subject 20/20 courses offer the opportunity for a profound shift of consciousness. The next course is Seth on Inner Senses and starts on Saturday February 13th.
Seth on Inner Senses - details & booking


Join the Limitlessness Community to experience conscious communication and mutual support amongst those who resonate with the teachings. Membership costs just $15 per month and includes a new monthly recording from both Story & Roger so there is always something fresh and exciting to discuss in the forums and member blogs. Story also regularly releases past recordings and new texts into the community as well as personally moderating the discussion forums with Roger.
Details & Registration - The Flow

Flow Members, in addition to the Limitlessness Community, receive the weekly Perspectives with Seth show mp3, three live broadcasts weekends per year, and a substantial discount in the mp3 store. Membership costs $35 per month (including the community). Stay up-to-date will all the latest messages.
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Perspectives with Seth Shows

For those interested in the Perspectives with Seth Shows (but not the Community or Live Broadcast Weekends) you can subscribe to the weekly Seth mp3s only for $25 per month.
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You can also follow Story on Facebook and Twitter.
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Free Jane-Seth Gift Page!

Story has freely released over five hours of key Seth Material on a special gift page where he addresses the question 'Is the Seth that you channel the same as the Seth channeled by Jane Roberts?' Includes mp3 and text downloads of 'The Human Dilemma' and video of Story's emotional first experience of channeling Jane Roberts in the message 'Magnificence through depersonalization'.
Visit Seth-Jane Gift page