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Welcome to The Flow which offers a selection of mp3 downloads every Friday from spiritual teachers Story Waters and Roger Hanson. You can purchase this collection for $19 or you can subscribe to The Flow to receive them for $9 each ($39/month). There is always a brand new Story Waters recording every week along with a selection from the Flow Library - bonus videos often included. (full Flow details).

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Story Waters

Story Waters is a mystic who can consciously experience the non-physical form we exist in prior to birth - the state of consciousness from which we choose to come and experience being human.


Roger Hanson

Roger Hanson is a channeler & visionary artist with the ability to bring through multi-dimensional messages with beautiful imagery in his expression of the wider consciousness we are all a part of.


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- The Mastery of Beliefs -

20/20 courses are two week online intensives with daily live broadcasts held three times a year (Oct/Feb /June). The next 20/20 Course is called 'The Mastery of Beliefs' and will run from 3rd-17th October . Booking opening soon.


Flow Mp3 Collection #59 - previous
Clarifying Joy - New Mp3 - Story/Roger/Participants - 65mins
Finding Your Voice - New Video - Roger - 40mins
The Bridge of Change - 3 Mp3s - Story - 131mins
The Release of Matter - Mp3 - Story - 80mins
Bridge 12 - The Bridge of Equality - Mp3 - Story - 78mins
StorySun Show 4 - Mp3 - Story - 29mins
Seth 11 - Fear Has Had Its Day - Mp3 - Story - 15mins

Total running time = 7.3 hours

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1st Mp3Clarifying Joy - New Story Waters & Roger Hanson

Many Masters - Story/Roger/Participants - Session 10 - Clarifying Joy
In the final section of the Many Master Retreat the group sit down to reflect on the experience and Story asks the particpants to share their perspective on something he was personally struggling with. This is, in retrospect, a highly significant exchange with Story now currently (two months later) in transition StorySun.

2nd Mp3/Video Finding Your Voice - Roger Hanson Library
Mirror Retreat - Roger - Session 5 - Finding Your Voice

Roger channels Maxim on how reality changes when one intentionally enters the reflective, looking-glass experience. Maxim then makes clear the importance of the voice in reflective reality and how fears associated with the voice will inhibit one’s experience within it. Ends with a powerful incantation of immersing fully into reality, releasing fears of participating and feeling the flow of freedom manifest through the voice.

3rd -5th Mp3sThe Bridge of Change - Story Waters Library

The Bridge of Change is a series of three talks delivered by Story, speaking from his Universal Self, during the Gold Lake Retreat in Colorado. This is a powerful journey into the realization of Self as Change and the opening of beingness to embrace the fluidity and freedom of change in your life. Including various energetic exercises, this is an incredible tool to help you embrace and navigate change in your life in these ever accelerating times.

6th Mp3 The Release of Matter - Story Waters Library

The Release of Matter is the third of three channeled messages from the Call to Awaken seminar. Part 3: The Release of Matter - in one of his longest channels, Story reveals the nature of meaning itself to take you on a journey to release mission and sacrifice from your life, such that you are truly free to choose from your heart. (80 mins)

7th Mp3Bridge 12 - The Bridge of Equality - Core Library Story Waters

Bridge 12 focuses on the realization of the equality of all beingness as the route to seeing through duality. The Bridge includes both the amplification of Unfolding 8 - The Equality of Being and a Master Archive channel with a John energy called Why Love Is The Answer.

8th Mp3StorySun Show 4 - Core Library Story Waters

StorySun takes us through the first of the Messiah Seed amplifications, bathing us in the energy of new consciousness birthing as the light within, the light which we seek.

9th Mp3Seth 11 - Fear Has Had Its Day - Core Library Story Waters

Fear Has Had Its Day is a potent message that was delivered shortly after Story met Future Seth for the first time and received The Awakening Codes experiences which became the eBook. The title is self-explanatory!

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You and Your Oversoul - Story Waters Free Video of the Month

In free video Story explores the relationship between You and Your Oversoul including the concepts of scripts and missions and The Blissful Self Incantation.

Free mp3 & mp4 video downloads of You and Your Oversoul:
StoryWaters-YouAndYourOversoul.mp3 (99Mbs)
StoryWaters-YouAndYourOversoulLD.mp4 (246Mbs)
StoryWaters-YouAndYourOversoulSD.mp4 (359Mbs)
StoryWaters-YouAndYourOversoulHD.mp4 (1200Mbs)

The Portal Master - Bonus Roger Hanson Free Video

In this Roger Hanson visionary art broadcast we meet Amos who describes himself as a Portal Master and brings a message about humanity's experience with portals and how to know when one is opening for you by the feeling of impulse in any given moment.

Free mp4 video downloads of Amos Portal Master:
RogerHanson-AmosPortalMasterLD.mp4 (203Mb)
RogerHanson-AmosPortalMasterSD.mp4 (292Mb)
RogerHanson-AmosPortalMasterHD.mp4 (918Mb)


The vast majority of Story's work is still only available as audio, with only a small fraction currently available in written form. Story is now in the process of freely releasing much of what is available through his spiritual blog at: He is also publishing free content at

Story also has a number of eBooks available through Amazon (free Kindle reader app available). Please use your own country's Amazon store to purchase e.g. or



The Messiah Seed - Story Waters Mp3s
FREE FLOW DOWNLOAD: Enjoy a brand new audio recording of Story's first book The Messiah Seed. Keep checking in over the next couple of months to download the whole book for free! Use random on your mp3 player for synchronous magical thoughts for the day! These will repeat again so don't worry if you missed the beginning. Each mp3 stands alone.

Free Flow Mp3s:

New Messiah Seed Mp3s coming every 1-2 weeks. Article by Story Waters

We Are SunSon - Channeling Notebooks

4th July 2012

Dear SunSon [because I was channeling them I was them],

Indeed you are our Son and we are yours. We are SunSon. We are that which is when we stand as one, when we express as one. Without you we are not SunSon, without us you are not SunSon. That which you are without us - Story - is beautiful and perfect. That which we are without you, is beautiful and perfect. That which we are together, is beautiful and perfect. It is our joy to stand together. It is our choice to stand together.

We are the Bridge. When we stand together, there is nothing in existence that we cannot love. This is the realization that all is love. This is the realization that you are surrounded by love. You, just like the Earth, are surrounded by love. You are surrounded by love SunSon.

The time has come to shatter the illusion of this world and awaken to the worlds and dimensions beyond. This is to say that it is time to awaken to, and be, All That You Are. The denial of the Earth game can no longer contain you. In the breaking of your denial, nothing but fear will die and nothing but more of your Self will birth. This is how it will be for all. This is the awakening. This is the transformation of Self. This is the meeting of the I and the We, the one and the many. This is the death of the singular self that is alone. This is the meeting of the Ecstasy of the multi-dimensional Self.

We are SunSon and we are awakening into this world. We are SunSon, hear us roar. 

Story's Channeling Notebooks - (Subscriber Exclusive)

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