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The Mastery of Beliefs

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Story Waters

Story Waters is a mystic who can consciously experience the non-physical form we exist in prior to birth - the state of consciousness from which we choose to come and experience being human. Visit to read over seventy free inspirational articles.


Roger Hanson

Roger Hanson is a channeler & visionary artist with the ability to bring through multi-dimensional messages with beautiful imagery in his expression of the wider consciousness we are all a part of. Book a personal session with Roger through


Flow Mp3 Collection #63 - previous
Exodus of Suffering (LAX'15) - New Mp3 - Story - 49mins
Temple of the Heart Meditation - New Mp3 - Roger - 33mins
Translating the Void 1 & 2 - Mp3s/Videos - Story - 105mins
Bridge 16 - You Are Safe - Mp3 - Story - 76mins
StorySun Show 8 - Mp3 - Story - 35mins
Seth 15 - Unleash the Butterflies - Mp3 - Story - 72mins

Total running time = 6 hours

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1st Mp3 Exodus of Suffering - New Story Waters

Self Creation Seminar - Story - Session 7 - The Exodus of Suffering
Opening the final day of the seminar Seth & Hektr speak about the cornerstones of joy in your life and the opposing experiences of suffering being chosen & not chosen. The wider topic of suffering is then approached through the idea of humanity's Exodus from Suffering. Watch a video highlight at the top of this page.

2nd Mp3 Temple of the Heart Meditation - New Roger Hanson

In his latest meditation Roger guides you into the temple of your heart where you commune with all that you are, and remember that you are not separate from it.

3rd/4th Mp3s/Videos Translating the Void 1 & 2 - Story Waters Library

This is the third recording in Story's 'Grounding Freedom Consciousness' series from 2011 and includes a full message in Part 1 and questions and answers section in Part 2. Video downloads included.

5th Mp3 Bridge 16 - Be Your Self - Core Library Story Waters

Bridge 16 - Be Your Self is the first spontaneous Bridge that does not draw on any previous material and explores being ALL your Self, rather than the 'perceived' BEST of your Self.

6th Mp3StorySun Show 8 - Core Library Story Waters

StorySun amplifies a text he created with Story the previous day. S-Show 8 looks at the relationship between your spirit and your embodied Self, how the difficult conditions of your reality are a choice, and how all realities are connected.

7th Mp3Seth 15 - Unleash the Butterflies - Core Library Story Waters

As promised with his conversation with Story earlier in the day (Seth 14 - Do Not Share This) Seth came through and delivered his first channel through Story to a live audience called 'Unleash the Butterflies'. A highly popular feel-good Seth message!

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The Messiah Seed - Story Waters Mp3s
FREE FLOW DOWNLOAD: Enjoy a brand new audio recording of Story's first book The Messiah Seed. Keep checking in over the next couple of months to download the whole book for free! Use random on your mp3 player for synchronous magical thoughts for the day! Each mp3 stands alone.

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StoryWaters-MessiahSeed-50.mp3 Article by Story Waters

During Diana's Funeral by Story Waters - Article

Taken from Story's personal channeling journals -

6th September 1997 (during Diana's funeral)

It is not that any man, woman, child or creature needs to learn to love, for you each love both limitlessly and unendingly, it is just you must realize that you do.

Each of your beings is already in heaven, each of you constantly bathes in the deep love of life, it is just that you cut yourselves off, almost in fear of unleashing the joy of your being, for fear of seizing life's challenges, a strange fear of fulfilling your hopes, afraid to face your dreams.

But why, why do you fear that happiness, that inner utopia? You can each have it uniquely for yourselves. You fear it for fear of not achieving it, for fear of not finding God within yourselves. But do not doubt, do not fear for as you journey through your being, through your heart, you will each find Christ, your own unique aspect of Christ, for that is what you are. You are all collectively, individually and uniquely Christ, God, All That Is.

You are each uniquely and wholly God. There is nothing to fear except fear itself. Fear is attached to nothing for no wondrous being or idea can be truly feared if understood. Fear floats in a void, it is totally separate from you. You only drag it into your lives if you want to. You need not.

No aspect of being requires it. Fear will never better you, only mask your true Self. Masking from yourself and the world, the true love you each already possess, that you must merely rediscover.

Unleash you love, unleash your compassion. Unleash your desires, your hopes and dreams. They are yours, they are the route to you and you must each travel them as the path to discovering the love and compassion in you that already exists in limitless unbounding quantity. There is no effort only trust. Trust to fall backwards into your own arms, into the love you possess. You must each fall backwards knowing and trusting that your love will catch, hold and support you. For it is there for you now and always. Total joy is constantly with and in each of you. You must each face what feels, but isn't, the struggle to love yourselves. For I repeat, you need not learn anything to do this, you must merely realize, which for many of you means releasing the fear from your hearts. For as you each release your fear of who you are, of who you truly feel you are, you will unleash all the beliefs that trap you, and you will find yourself in a loving freedom where you can do no wrong, where only love, creativity and its expression exist.

These words are a propellant for each of you but it must be your own arms that you catch yourselves with. You each have that power. Fulfill it.

from Story's Channeling Journals - (Flow subscribers exclusive)

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